Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fitspiration: Misty Copeland and those legs!!

I have about 4 girl crushes; Michelle Obama (although I'm not a fan of her new bangs), Jane "FitKenyanGirl" Mukami, India Paulino and Misty Copeland.  Wait let me back up, girl crushes, for me are women who have already achieved the levels of success or fitness, that I hope to one day achieve as well, for the purposes of this blog I'm focusing on my 4 fitness girl crushes. My biggest girl crush at the moment is Misty Copeland.  Her physique is AMAZING, she's gorgeous and she's a professional ballerina, with a never ending cache of amazing photos showcasing her talent, as a ballerina, and her physique, like these. Additionally, her story is amazing. she started dancing at 13 at the recommendation of one of  (non-ballet) school teachers.  Within 3 months, she was dancing en-pointe, and 4 years after she ever started dancing, she was dancing at the American Ballet Theater. 

Obviously, as a ballerina her legs are amazing. Those legs are a definite source of envy for me. As I've stated before, that's where I carry most of my weight, and, sadly, seems to be the hardest area for me to get definition.
Loving her quads and hams in this pic! Werk boo!!
I've been taking ballet classes, in addition to trying to lift heavier on leg days in the gym., and have made great progress but still lack definition in my legs.  Again that's my problem area, there's still a lot of fat down there, that will probably benefit greatly from a good cardio day or 2.  However, if you already have great legs and just want to tone or add a little definition.   You can either do my leg day work out,

Exercise Weight in lbs Sets Repitions
Leg press 270 1 15
320 1 12
360 2 11
V-squats 75 1 15
90 2 12
Leg ext 35 3 12
Ham curls 35 3 12
Lunges  20lb dumb bells 3 15
Step ups n/a 3 15/each leg

or if weights aren't your thing yet (although if you're reading this blog you should already know I'm a strong advocate of weight lifting), but I understand how scary the weights section of the gym can be, so you can always try this ballet work out video until you're ready to find a ballet class or start lifting with weights.  However, if you're already gym rat and not afraid of the weights feel free to use this video to supplement your regular leg work out.

Day dreaming of professional ballerina legs,


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